How To Measure For A Built-In Dishwasher Before You Buy


A good dishwasher fit for your kitchen starts with careful measurements. Even though most dishwashers come in a standard size – 24 inches wide x 35 inches high x 24 inches deep – you still need to do the measuring. Otherwise, you won’t be positive that the designated spot will fit your dishwasher, and you won’t find out until the dishwasher is delivered.

Whether you’re completely redoing a kitchen or replacing your existing built-in dishwasher, measuring the space helps you and the contractor or cabinet maker create the correct rough opening for your appliance choice. It’s very easy to do – all you need is a tape measure and a notepad!


To get the most accurate measurements, use a contractor’s tape measure – they get very specific, which you’ll need. Write down each measurement, including a drawing of the dimensions so that you don’t forget which number goes with which side of the space.


Step 1: Measuring The Height


Measure the height of your dishwasher opening by putting the end of your tape measure on the floor in front and, using the left edge of the dishwasher opening, pull your tape up to the bottom of the counter over your dishwasher. Write down the exact height, then measure the right side.


You might be satisfied with one side, but don’t be fooled: the rough space can be inconsistent, especially if it hasn’t had a dishwasher in it before. It’s always best to have a very clear picture of the space!

Step 2: Measuring The Width



Measure the width of your rough opening starting with the top right corner, extending the tape across the opening to the left side to the top left corner. Write down the exact measurement, then take your tape measure and move down to the bottom right corner of your rough opening much as you did for the top. By measuring the width at the top and bottom, you’ll be sure that there’s no change in the size of the space.


Step 3: Measuring The Depth


If you don’t have a dishwasher in the space right now, take your tape measure and move it to the back wall of your rough opening on the right side. Holding it in place, extend the tape out along the cabinets to the front of your cabinets. Write that measurement down, and to be sure the depth is the same on both sides, do the same on the left-hand side.


If you do have a dishwasher installed, don’t skip out on the depth measurement. Take your tape measure on the top of your counter and place it on the back wall of your kitchen, then pull it along your countertop to the edge of the cabinet. The depth of the space should be 24 inches for a standard dishwasher.


When comparing the depth, width, and height of your rough space, the measurements should be the same on all sides. However, sometimes it isn’t, especially if the space is new. When choosing a new dishwasher, take all the measurements with you and we can discuss what works best for your kitchen!

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