How Does An Induction-Style Cooktop Work?

Many people know about gas and electric cooktops and understand how they work: when lit or turned on, the flame or coil heat what’s put on them. But there’s a third option that is gaining popularity in kitchens across London. It’s called the “induction cooktop“, and it has several advantages over both gas and electricity! 

Induction and electric cooktops appear to be very similar, as induction cooktops also use electricity as a fuel source. The difference is in the cooking technology, and induction cooktops work in a much different way than electric models.


How Do Induction Cooktops Work?


Induction is short for “electromagnetic induction“, and it works by using magnetism to transfer energy to cookware instead of using a surface element to transfer the heat. Electromagnetic coils positioned under the glass cooktop create a fluctuating magnetic field that transfers energy into metal cookware, turning the pot or pan into the heat source rather than the surface. Since the cooktop is heating only the pot or pan, higher temperatures can be reached in a shorter time.


Amazingly, this results in the cooking vessel heating up while most of the cooktop stays cool and safe to touch. Don’t touch an induction burner that you have immediately used because the surface will still be hot from the metal cookware. However, the heat doesn’t spread, and the surface does not stay hot for long. You could place a literal ice cube next to the surface after you’ve removed your pot, and since only metal objects heat up, it wouldn’t melt faster than normal. If you turn on an induction burner by mistake, it won’t get hot or release natural gas, which is a good safety feature, especially for families. 


Of course, you need the right cookware to use it, but anything magnetic will work out fine. Remember, all magnetic objects are metal, but not all metal objects are magnetic. Check if your pots and pans will work on an induction surface by taking a magnet and seeing if it will stick to the bottom; if it does, you’re good to go. If you’re celebrating your new induction cooktop by buying new cookware, look for labels saying that they are “induction-compatible.”


Why Choose An Induction Cooktop?


As you may have guessed, this technology comes at a steeper cost than gas or electric cooktops. But by converting cookware into the heat source, induction heating gives you faster, more efficient cooking power without wasting energy. The technology also gives you much more control with an even heat distribution. Most induction elements have many different settings that are programmed for specific needs, so simmer, sear, melt, and warm without worrying about overheating what’s in the pot.


Induction cooktops are also easier to clean than their gas and electric counterparts. They are smooth like an electric glass cooktop so wiping down the surface is simple. But as we mentioned above, with the various settings, the chance of burning your food is very rare.


Induction cooktops are revolutionizing kitchen technology, providing amazing cooking performance that no other heat source can match. These types of cooking surfaces also give you more control while being safer and easier to clean. Induction is the future, and it’s here for you!

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